What is Veboc?

In brief: Veboc is a platform that offers everyone a digital wallet & Universal Basic Income in form of digital credit (Veboc Notes), which anyone can use to exchange with those who accept it, we took the first step and created the Marketplace, the first ever place where people can exchange with Veboc Notes.


Fast & Free

Universal Basic Income

Receive your first UBI check immediately.


You can use our credit outside of the site too, no roofs, no limits.

Automatic Distribution

Everyone is receiving one Veboc Note a day just by entering his Wallet.

No Fees

No fees on Veboc transactions

Fraud Prevention

We use strong user verification processes to prevent duplicate signups.

Our Goal

Our goal is the creation of an economic community in which value is distributed equality among all, while everyone is free to prosper.

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