Are Humans Becoming Worthless?

Does what you do for a living have any impact upon the world and is your job pointless?

Let’s face it, with automation and technology humans are only useful in doing jobs that machines still can’t, but this is about to change, even the most popular jobs like truck driver are getting replaced.

Automation will do everything in the future, even things we thought that were impossible for machines to do a few years ago, that leads us to the dilemma..

Poverty or Universal Basic Income?

According to surveys conducted in the UK and America, between a quarter and a third of people believe what they do for a living makes no meaningful contribution to society.

As automation is seemingly on the verge of replacing almost every job on the planet, it is appropriate to ask whether most jobs need to be done by humans at all.

The universal basic income is the replacement of the extincting 9-5 jobs that was useful in the industrial age, but not in today’s world.

People will have the money and time to start new businesses that will create actual value and true contribution to the world.

Many successful people like Mark Zuckerberg have said that they succeed because they didn’t have to work to live or to support their family.

Many people think that poverty is the free world is result of our system, but it’s actually the exact opposite, the need for universal basic income proves that capitalism succeed.

We created so much prosperity and progress that progress itself can now generate wealth and replace workers, they instead will be in the creative side too, resulting to increased innovation and prosperity.

Tom Frl

Twitter: @TomFrl
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