Why prefer guaranteed income over guarantee jobs

There is a lot of talk about Universal Basic Income which seems to be a very promising way to eliminate poverty, inequality and dependence.

The opponents of universal basic income suggest something called job guarantee, or “the right to work”. Here’s why universal basic income is the way to go.

As automation will replace up to 80 of today’s jobs by 2030, up to 800 million global workers will lose their jobs by that time and be replaced, as new report from a consultancy has found.

A job guarantee will result to many useless job positions that will only be good for its low unemployment numbers, while these jobs are totally useless.

Instead of job guarantee, a universal basic income would provide people with the basic resources to choose the right job for them, or even start their own business.

Another argument of those who suggest a job guarantee is “how do we pay for universal basic income?”, and the answer to this is really simple. Replacing the current expensive and inefficient welfare system.

Andrew Yang is running for President in 2020 as a democrat, he promises to make universal basic income a reality by the time he gets elected.

Several projects are testing the idea of doling out funds that people can use however they want while many politicians and businessmen like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg are supporting the idea already.

A universal basic income would also be the solution to many issues like unfulfilled basic human rights and right living conditions.

Tom Frl

Twitter: @TomFrl
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