Frequently Asked Questions:

Veboc is a platform and community that people can use to make exchanges and transactions using Veboc Notes. Our goal is to create a great ecosystem which’s members are all benefited.

Veboc Notes are point credits that you can get for free in a form of “Universal Basic Income” every single day using our platform. These credits can be used by the members in a variety of ways, like exchanging them with other members or paying for goods and services.

Physical Veboc Notes

Physically Notes are usually used by people who mostly exchange in a local level, so they don’t have to raise their phones each time they make a transaction.

People not familiar with technology prefer to use Physical Notes too.

Our credit distribution system is a form of Universal Basic Income. Every member gets an amount of Veboc Notes each and every day, to receive your daily income just log in into your wallet.

*To receive your daily note just visit your wallet.

We made the first step in creating the first ever place for everyone who want to use Veboc Credit to exchange products and services.

Go to your Wallet, in the “Recipient” field enter the email of the account you want to send credit to, then enter the amount in the field bellow and just click “TRANSFER”

Sellers are rated by buyers, and the other way around. To see a someone’s reviews just go to their Profile -> Reviews, and check them out. Always remember that the more people have reviewed, the better.

You can always chat with the user you are interested in working with, so you can know for yourself.

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